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Rules and Regulation

1. I do not negotiate with my rates.
Bottom line. If you start complaining about the price, we will stop talking. I understand that these times aren't the easiest. Everyone is having to cut back to make ends meat. I have a job outside of escorting for this very reason. I can't rely on other people to pay my bills all the time. But come at me right and who knows, maybe after a while of getting to know you better, maybe seeing you out in public one or two times, I'll cut you a little deal? I'm not promising anything, I'm just saying, who knows, lets see. 
2. Do not message me with, "Hey, do you charge extra for-"
You will be blocked. I wont even bother replying. I mean, I can not even imagine a world where you would think that would be acceptable. I will not sit here and play games with you. Start trouble and I will shut you down immediately.
3. Why am I charging so much?
I was once told, "Charge what you feel you are worth." and that stuck with me. You aren't paying for sex. You are paying for me and everything I bring to the table. The skills that took years to master, the love and attention I will give to you. Everyone has their own way of running things. Some ladies will learn what gets you off the quickest and do it so that way they can hurry up and leave. And hey, that's cool for them. I don't want a one night stand, I want you to keep coming back for more. I have a job outside of escorting, I don't do this to pay my bills, but rather to have some extra money in my bank account.
4. I'm new to all this and I'm not comfortable giving you all the information you are asking for.
If you are uncomfortable, I completely understand. I'm not looking to rush us into meeting one another. Let's talk, email or text. Both. That's fine. Maybe you want to just meet up somewhere? Okay, just fill out the application, give me the public location, time, date, etc. And we will go from there, once you've gotten to know me a little, I hope you will start to trust me. But just know that there are always different options.
5. I don't like to wear my safely hat when I go to work on the construction yard!
Then you ain't coming to my work site. All hands on deck will bring their own special equipment and attachments. You know your tool the best, and you will know what you need for your equipment to work the best.