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Thank you for visiting my website!

Welcome to the next level of escorting servicesI am not like the other escorts you have been with. I do have some rules, and I am very strict to them, please check out my rule page before contacting me. Don't follow my rules and you, sir or ma'am, will not be spending a lovely evening with me. Feel free to poke around, maybe even drop me a friendly suggestion. I am open to making you feel at home and as relaxed as possible. I am not here to rush you into a meeting with me, add any drama to your life, and I think it goes beyond saying that I am drug and disease-free, as expect you to be. I have a non-escorting job. Why is this important? Because that means that I am not available 24/7This also means that while I would love to see you, if you approach me wrong, I do not need to see youAnd I will not see youBlocking any trouble-makers, is easy and very do-able. Do not email or text me asking illegal questionsHere are a few examples, but not limited to, "How much for just a BJ? Do you do charge extra for Anal?" ETC.

 I am not here to waste your time or play games with youIf you contact me, I will respond within a reasonable time frame, even if it is just to let you know that I am busy, I will contact you back. But please, be patient and respectableIf you are still interested after reading all this, than please, head over to the next few pages and lets see where this journey takes us. On here you will learn more about me as an escort, view my up-to-date pictures, my rates, rules, and etc. If you have any questions or concerns, please, feel free to contact me via email or text message. Please provide a name when contacting me and how you came about finding me. I can personally say, actions speak louder than words in my book. And I am all about pleasing.

Hopefully, you have received a clear picture of the type of person I am. I am very punctual and classy. If you have nothing nice to say, please, keep it to yourself. I will not to stoop to the level of being incoherent to match your level of stupidity, because you didn't like something I have written, that you do not agree with. Momma always said, "Kill 'em with kindness.", and I'll be damned if she wasn't right. If you cannot give me the same amount of common decency as I am going to present to you, because I am an, "Escort", than I am not the escort you are looking for. 


And I sincerely hope that, you, have a wonderful day.


Claire Elizabeth Barsett